Black and White Mediations will charge you the lowest fees ever and we assure you that no other private mediator will charge less than us because we care about you and we want to help you so you can move on. We guarantee you that only the specific amount of fees will be charged and there will be no hidden fees.

Family Dispute Resolution

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$250/ Hour

Property Dispute resolution

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$400/ Hour

Couples Mediation

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$300/ Hour

workplace Dispute resolution

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$550/ Hour

What our clients are saying?

Anonymous - Family Dispute Resolution

The mediators here are very child focused. They not only facilitate our issue but also educate us how to negotiate in the best interest of our kids

Anonymous - Couples Mediation

We are so shocked with the terms of agreement which me and my partner negotiate at Black & White Mediations. The way they facilitate our issue was great. Our families are very connected strongly in terms of culture and beliefs and don't want to separate. Thanks Black & White Mediations for saving our time, family and children.

Anonymous - WORKPLACE Mediation

I am very delighted that Black & White Mediations facilitate my dispute with my employer. At first it was very hard to understand that how mediation works but the way Mr. Gill facilitate our dispute by keeping neutral for both the parties, it really helps us to negotiate and reached on an agreement.


I would just like to take a moment to really thank Adeel for his professionalism in co-ordinating mediation. It has proven to be successful far more than anticipated. I really appreciate the hard work & time he put into making sure that the best interest of children must met - Much respect to him and his hard work