workplace dispute resolution


Disputes can be happen any where with any one at any time. In workplace dispute resolution process it does not matter who was at fault and make findings or rulings. Its again all about resolution.We do not advocate for either party but make sure that resolution between disputed parties takes place as quickly as possible. Before mediation and during mediation, mediator will let either party to consult their support person if needed.

What if parties come to an agreement?

The outcomes in mediation are flexible and only made by the mutual agreement of parties. If parties reach to an agreement then mediator draft terms of settlement outlining the agreements in place. Once terms of settlement signed by both parties it becomes legally binding document and breach of agreement will give other party right to contact court for the enforcement of agreement. 

What if parties will not come to an agreement?

If no agreements reach then either party can take legal action in small claims court or explore their other options.

Like the FDR, this is also voluntary process and any party at any time can withdraw from the process.